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403-652-6022. We also offer discounts when bundling Tile and Grout Cleaning Services with Carpet, & Rug Cleaning. 

Our System is IDEAL for Grouted Floors

Grout is a porous material that absorbs dirt and grease.  Grout also absorbs the liquid used for cleaning, making removal of the dirt difficult.  After cleaning, the dissolved dirt can wick back to the surface making the grout look dirty again.

The HOST system we use is ideal for cleaning unsealed grouted tile floors.

The counter rotating brushes scrub the grout and dislodge the dirt and grease.  The Green Seal Certified cleaning sponges dissolve and trap the dirt and grease.  No cleaning residues are left behind and the floor is ready for immediate use.

We do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or acid

Deep Extraction


High Quality Cleaning Products


Industry Grade Deep Cleaning Machines


Tile & Grout Hand-Scrubbed

Dirt, Soil, Grease Removal

Dry Extraction

Protects From Future Spills & Staining

Dry In 1 Hour Or Less

Friendly & Professional Techs

All Work Done In House

No Harsh Chemical Residues

Recommended Cleaning: Yearly

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Keeping your Tile & Grout clean is a must!

Dirt builds up over time dulling the appearance of your tile. Constant foot traffic and dust will wear down the seal and coating. Floored Technicians use deep extraction tile and grout cleaning machines to extract all dirt and soils from your floors. 

Soil builds up and is absorbed into the grout and forms a layer on tile making it look dingy. Our cleaning treatment first applies a unique pre-treatment to both the tile and grout to loosen dirt, grease, staining etc.

Tile & Grout is Hand-Scrubbed

We first begin the cleaning process by sweeping and vacuuming up loose dirt sitting on top of the Tile & Grout. We then hand scrub hard to get areas before taking industrial grade counter rotating brush machines to scrub both. This allows us to get deep into the grout to loosen up grease, soils and other dirt. With our high quality cleaning products, tile & grout will be like new!

Deep Extraction Cleaning Process

Floored's cleaning products quickly break down any hard to remove oils and grease from your grout and tile. Deep Extraction Machines using industry grade brushes along with Dry Extraction are used to remove soil build up. Machines are taken over the entire area deep cleaning from top to bottom. Fan drying of Tile & Grout allows it to be dry in under 1 hour after cleaning.

Tile & Grout Sealing Application

After Tile & Grout is cleaned, we can apply a Tile & Grout Sealer for an additional cost of .25c sq. ft. Our sealer protects and makes it easier to maintain cleanliness. Protects against future staining and soil build up. Easily wipe up any spill after our protectant seals your floor! 

Floored Services Pricing - No hidden charges!

REsidential Carpet Cleaning

$45 per room
Small Room (Under 150 sq. ft.)

$55 per room
Medium Room (150 to 250 sq. ft.)

$65 per room
(Large Room over 250 sq. ft.)

$45 (Up to 18 stairs)


$70 Living/Dining Combo
(Apartments Only)

Specialty Area Rugs


10x12 Rug $180

8x10 Rug - $160

5x8 Rug - $120

2x6 Runner Rug - $70

Tile and grout

Deep Extraction Cleaning


Agitation & Scrubbing


Oil, Grease, Dirt Removal


Dry Extraction

Tile: .50c per sq/ft.

Wood/Laminate: .35c per sq. ft.

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