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  • Stuart Jopp

Breathe The Fresh Air! (IAQ1)

Over the years indoor air has become more polluted due to more tightly built and less ventilated construction. These efforts to save energy are allowing contaminants to build up inside with no place to go. Indoor air contaminants can include dust, allergens and odours that come from both inside and outside the building. The easiest way to help combat this is to open or crack a window. Easier said than done considering our long and fun (sarcasm) winters we have in Calgary.

Don't let winter hold you back though, studies have shown the importance to opening a window or two daily, even in winter! This ~15 minute period will get a nice cross breeze going through your home, pushing the old, dirty air out, filling your home with nice fresh air!

Floored Carpet Cleaning IAQ Tip 1
Floored Carpet Cleaning

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