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Dry Extraction Vac.

          At Floored we understand that 85-95% of the dirt trapped in carpet is dry debris. This dry debris is best removed prior to adding any moisture to the carpet. The Host Extractor Vac is the superior tool for removing the dry debris. The Extractor Vac features counter rotating brushes with 5 inch long bristles, working the machine on the carpet in 3 directions over the carpet, ensuring that the carpets fiber has a chance to be lifted back up to knock dry debris off the fiber.

HOST Sponges.

          HOST Sponges Cleaner is a soft, organic, natural product which contains all the necessary liquid to dissolve and absorb both water based and oil based dirt. It is moistened with water, detergent and green cleaning agents. Because we use a low moisture cleaning system, when we are finished cleaning, the carpet is dry. After the dry dirt has been removed, we can begin to look at the remaining sticky dirt stuck on the fiber that is more stubborn to remove. We begin by dispersing the HOST to the area to be cleaned. The next step is brushing the HOST through the carpet pile. The HOST contacts all surfaces of the dirty carpet fibers, dissolving and absorbing the oil bond and sticky residues that cause dirt to adhere to the fibers.

Soiled Carpet

Brushing HOST Cleaner

Extractor Vac Removing Soiled HOST


           Vacuuming is the final step. The Extractor Vac lifts the carpet pile and vacuums the HOST, holding the dissolved dirt. The HOST does not leave a sticky residue to cause rapid re-soiling. A trace amount of HOST may remain in the carpet after the vacuuming, but it is not abrasive or harmful. This trace amount of HOST will be removed with subsequent vacuuming. It’s that simple!

Clean & Dry Carpet!

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          Floored takes pride in being locally owned and operated.  As born & raised Calgarians we understand that our two seasons; winter & construction, can lead to a lot of dirt, muck, dust, and who knows what else being tracked or blown into our homes. With our HOST Dry Extraction System we are able to clean deep into the carpet pile, extracting those contaminants, raising worn carpet, leaving with you with a carpet dry to the touch.

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