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Natural Resource Conservation


Many environmental organizations recognize that it takes quite a bit of energy to heat water used in wet extraction cleaning methods.  In an effort to lower costs and energy use, such organizations are supporting cleaning systems that do not use water.  With the cleaning system we use, there is:

  • No water to heat

  • No need to run dehumidifiers or air conditioners

  • No need to use blowers to dry carpet to remove moisture from the carpet and air.


This point is often overlooked: wet extractors use large amounts of water.  Further, they generate large amounts of wastewater which burdens sewers and water treatment facilities.  Also, wastewater left in the carpet evaporates, humidifying buildings and forcing air conditioners and dehumidifiers to run harder and longer.

The cleaning system we use saves water.  In fact, the system deep cleans carpet with 97% less water then typical high-flow wet extractors.  

That is some significant savings on our valuable natural resource!

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