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We use the Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method to provide the best possible clean! Our Green Seal Certified cleaning products easily remove dirt, soil, spots and allergens. 

Our controlled moisture system uses less than 1 teaspoon of water per square foot so your carpet is clean, dry and ready for your family immediately.  

Benefits of our Cleaning:

Floored Carpet Cleaning’s Low Moisture, Dry Extraction Cleaning Method uses industrial grade counter rotating brushes to gently dig deep into carpet fibers to remove dirt and soils from bottom to surface. Eco-Friendly, Green Seal Certified, Biodegradable Cleaning Products release, remove and absorb dirt without leaving behind any harsh residues. By the time our technicians finish, carpet is barely damp. Just one cleaning with our system has proven results of over 75% reduction of dust mites, mold spores and cat allergen from your carpet.

100% Child & Pet Safe!

No Soaking Wet Carpet

Eco-Friendly Products

Non Mildew Environment

Fluffs Matted Carpet

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Friendly & Professional Technicians

Conserves Natural Resources 

Free Quotes and no Hidden Charges

Stays Cleaner Longer

Spots Won’t Wick Back

No Harsh Chemical Residues

We can clean anywhere: High Rise Buildings

Dry Carpet Cleaning - 1 hr. Dry Time

People are switching to Floored Carpet Cleaning and never looking back! Our eco-friendly dry carpet cleaning process allows your carpet to look amazing and stay that way longer. Our deep extraction machines use the highest quality industry grade soft bristles to remove dirt, soils and grease. We use a lightly moistened cleaning sponges  that are Green Seal Certified that release and absorb the carpet dirts.  After cleaning, we vacuum cleaning sponges and your carpet is clean and back in service within 1 hour.  Our prices are 100% upfront with no hidden charges. And closet cleanings are always included with a room cleaning!

Traffic lanes tend to develop on carpet over time from dirt on the bottom of shoes and oils on feet. Improper previous cleaning methods can cause traffic lanes to come back even faster. You may find spots to rise back up, or carpet to be stiff and crunchy.  Floored's Low Moisture Cleaning is one of the most reliable ways to have carpet cleaned, no doubt. Our Green Seal Certified cleaning sponges are massaged into the carpet fibres by the soft bristles of our powerful machine.  Undamaged carpet fibres are cleaned & fluffed.  We leave no cleaning residue for dirt to stick to, so you will find your carpet  stays cleaner longer. 

Wherever You Call Home

Single family home?



High rise apartment? 

Due to the portability & low moisture nature of the Host Dry Extraction System, we can easily clean flooring surfaces in any building type. 

You also have peace of mind knowing pets and people are safe inside as we do not need to prop doors open for hoses. 

High Traffic Lanes? We


Floored Services Pricing - No hidden charges!

REsidential Carpet Cleaning

$45 per room
Small Room (Under 150 sq. ft.)

$55 per room
Medium Room (150 to 250 sq. ft.)

$65 per room
(Large Room over 250 sq. ft.)

$45 (Up to 18 stairs)


$70 Living/Dining Combo
(Apartments Only)

Specialty Area Rugs


10x12 Rug $180

8x10 Rug - $160

5x8 Rug - $120

2x6 Runner Rug - $70

Tile and grout

Tile: .50c per sq/ft.

Wood/Laminate: .35c per sq. ft.

Deep Extraction Cleaning


Agitation & Scrubbing


Oil, Grease, Dirt Removal


Dry Extraction

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