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Preferred Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaners

Serving Calgary and Southern Alberta

Carpet Cleaning in Calgary Includes: 

Green Seal Certified, Biodegradable Deep Extraction Carpet Cleaning using 85% less water

Spot removal with no wick back

Our pricing is inclusive, with no hidden or additional fees

Carpet is dry and ready for use immediately after cleaning. Our cleaning sponges use less than 1 tsp of moisture per sqft 

Floored Master Bed Cleaned Carpet

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Clean & Fresh Carpet Everytime!

The Dry Extraction Method we use is unrivaled in benefits to consumers. 

Our process dissolves and absorbs both water soluble dirt like food & solvent soluble dirt like airborne cooking grease.  The cleaning agents we use are Green Seal Certified.  The moisture is controlled so carpets are dry and ready for use with no down time.  Proven results of 78% removal of allergens, dust mites and mold spores from carpet fibers with 1 cleaning.

Floored Cubicle Cleaned Carpet

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Licensed & Insured, Flexible Scheduling

Our Dry Extraction cleaning process allows your carpets to be dry and back in service within 1 hour. Our cleaning products are Green Seal Certified.  LEED points can be earned using our HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System.  We are fully portable and can clean anywhere, anytime.  We offer flexible scheduling to meet your business needs.

Floored Cleaned Kitchen Tile Beige

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Scrubbing, Agitation, Soil Extraction, Sealing

Grout is porous and absorbs dirt and grease.  Our counter rotating brushes scrub the tiles and grout to dislodge the dirt and grease.  The Green Seal Certified cleaners dissolve and trap the dirt and grease for removal. 

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Floored Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

          Floored takes pride in being locally owned and operated.  As born & raised Calgarians we understand that our two seasons; winter & construction, can lead to a lot of dirt, muck, dust, and who knows what else being tracked or blown into our homes. With our HOST Dry Extraction System we are able to clean deep into the carpet pile, extracting those contaminants, raising worn carpet, leaving with you with a carpet dry to the touch.

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 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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